Process Art: Easter Egg Challenge

We were excited to participate in TinkerLab’s creative challenge this month. The challenge was to let your child create make or invent using a common material….eggs!  Part of the challenge was also to let your child be the inventors or creators and take ownership of the project.

When working with young artists like Lil B (4) and M-Woww (2) it can be challenging as the parent to stand back and let them take the lead. However, to develop creative thinking and problem solving skills it is important to let go and let them direct the project. We already had plastic eggs and I knew that would be a good choice for my two young artists. I did choose the materials but I chose materials they have previously worked with and I left it open to them how they used the materials.

As usual, my artists surprised me. My four year old went right to work overlapping different tissue paper colors but my two year old insisted on color matching the tissue paper to the egg. It turned into a great color match activity for her. She was too funny, as she was very particular about finding the right shade of color to match the egg.

Process Art Eggs

Easy Easter Craft


Tissue Paper

Glue (mixed with a splash of water)


Plastic Eggs



Step 1: Create an open invitation to create. Lay out materials in an inviting way.

Easy Easter Egg Art

Step 2: Let your child lead the project with you there to assist or help as needed.

Step 3: Enjoy the look of accomplishment and pride as your artist finishes their own directed work.

Easy Easter Egg Art

 For more Egg creations click on the image below to view other solutions to the Egg challenge.


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