Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Magazine Weaving

Easy Paper Craft

Here is an easy paper craft to introduce the concept of weaving to create different patterns. Paper crafts are a great way to make a budget friendly project by using what you have around the house.  This project uses recycled magazines and if you don’t have a magazine you can use left over paper from a previous project too.  It will amaze your kids how you can create a beautiful pattern from simple materials, perfect for Elementary and even Middle school age. If you have young ones too, they can help cut the strips of paper for scissors practice and do the weaving part together.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Paper Weaving


Magazine pages (or other paper)

Construction Paper






1. Tear out pages of colors you like from a magazine.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

2. Cut magazine pages into strips.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

3. Create your paper loom by folding a piece of construction paper in half.  On the non folded edge, approximately 1 inch down from top of paper draw horizontal line (fold should be on the opposite side). This is your “stop line”.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

4. From the stop line draw a vertical zig-zag line down to the fold.  (Tip: For beginners I recommend drawing 3 lines,  for more advanced weavers you may draw more lines which will create a complex pattern).

5. Cut your zigzag lines but be sure to stop at the stop line. Unfold your construction paper.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

6. You are now ready to weave. Take one magazine paper strip and place it “over ” the first zig zag section and then “under” the next. Repeat the “over, under” pattern across your paper loom. IMPORTANT —-> Make sure your second strip starts opposite of the first one. If you started “over” the first zig zag  section with your first strip, on your next strip you will start “under” the zig zag section. Repeat with other magazine strips.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

7. Once you have filled your paper loom with strips, I suggest gluing the ends down to help the strips stay in place.

Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

Take a step back and enjoy your beautiful paper weaving. Try more with different colored papers or try cutting different types of lines in your paper loom to create a new pattern.

Easy Paper Craft Recycled Weaving


Easy Paper Craft: Recycled Weaving

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