10 Tips for a Rockstar Science Fair Board

As an elementary art teacher I could always tell when it was Science Fair time. I would see students walking in with presentation boards bigger than them. Also as the art teacher many times students came seeking advice about how to make their board look better or stand out among the crowd.  Using the elements and princples of design any student can make their presentation board a rockstar one.

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10 Tips for a Rockstar Science Fair Board

1. Plan your layout. Do not glue anything down on your board until you have everything laid out on the board. Double check you have all the information you need and how it will fit on your board.

2. Organize your board like a newspaper. As a viewer we read top to bottom and left to right. Keep your sections in the order that they need to be.

3. Think about the balance of your text and photos. Space out your elements evenly across your presentation board.

4. Pick 2-3 colors.  I reccomend sticking to 2-3 colors plus your background color. I would stick with white maybe
or black for the background but stay away from bright colors for the background.

5. Stick to 2-3 different types of fonts.  I also suggest sticking to classic readable fonts for your text. Save your favorite fun font for the title. You can get creative with the title but make sure people can read it from across the room.

6.  Think about your font type size. Generally 16pt type for text, 32 pt and 24 pt for headings  and subheadings works well. Make the title large (possibly 150 pt but it depends on your title), you want that to be the first thing that people notice on your board. You want to entice them to come over and read about your project.

7. No reverse type. Do not use a dark background and white type…too hard to read.

8. NO ALL CAPS! It looks like you are shouting when you use all caps for text.

9. Use visuals. Your photos or graphs should be in focus and clear. Do not lay type over the top of them. People like to see the photos and visuals to understand more about your project.

10. Have fun, be creative. Science and art go hand in hand. Many of the top inventors also had an artistic side. Don’t be afraid to use that creativity to make new discoveries.

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