Recycled Art Sculptures


Creating recycled art sculptures is a great way to create art without needing expensive art materials. It also is earth friendly as you are reusing materials in a new way. Creating a work of art from recycled materials requires patience and determination. It is a great way to help develop your child’s creative thinking and [...]

Garden Sensory Bin

Activities for toddlers

Create a garden sensory bin in 3 easy steps! Sensory bins are great activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Our first sensory bin was such a hit with Lil B (4) and M-Woww (2) we created a new one for this week. For a different texture from our previous bin, I mixed  the colored rice with dried [...]

QR Code Thank you Card

Printable Thank You Card

A unique idea on how to send a personalized thank you note! Capture how cute your children are with a video thank you note for friends and family. Send it in a unique way by using a QR code.  Anyone with a smart phone and an app can make a QR code. It is super [...]

Birthday Sensory Bin

toddler activities

I have a secret to share….until last week I had never made a sensory bin. I know they are a popular activity for toddlers and preschoolers and I have seen them all over other blogs and Pinterest but for some reason I never made one for my kids. I am not sure what my hesitation [...]

Process Art: Easter Egg Challenge

Easy Easter Egg Art

We were excited to participate in TinkerLab’s creative challenge this month. The challenge was to let your child create make or invent using a common material….eggs!  Part of the challenge was also to let your child be the inventors or creators and take ownership of the project. When working with young artists like Lil B (4) and [...]

DIY Easy Colored Rice Recipe

Easy Easter Craft

There are many different ways to color rice. We found the following recipe worked great, produced vibrant colors and was super easy to make. It does take planning as you have to allow time for the rice to dry. Easy Colored Rice Recipe 1 TBSP Vinegar 6-8 drops of food coloring 1 Cup of rice [...]

Easy Easter Craft for Kids with Colored Rice

Easter Craft for Kids

Easy Easter Craft for Kids This was our first colored rice activity and it won’t be our last! Both Lil B (4) and M-Woww (2) enjoyed creating with the colored rice and playing with it too. There are many different ways to color rice, click here to read our easy colored rice recipe. It is super [...]